Friday, November 11, 2011

Natural Meats Are Back and How in Evolution We Eat?

Natural meats would have been an un-natural phrase 20 years ago; and though meat has long been the center of every meal the world over, yet in some countries such as America this staple has a darker side and more unfavorable future in its present state. The light of a new day in the consciousness of many Americans has dawned, revealing the under belly of what we always thought was good. "Healthy meats are changing the way people eat and see what was always there". I will point out some differences in industry standard beef and natural beef. 

Natural beef is not injected with hormones as most beef is as the standard practice.
Healthy beef is not subjected to hormones that make the animal grow more muscle in a shorter period of time; most beef we consume receives hormone injections.
All-Natural beef does not receive injections to ward off insects and naturally occurring pests in our environment.
People are ready for healthy meats for the most part, but some people don't believe the idea that the foods we consume such as meats can have such an adverse effect on our health or quality of life, even though there is ample evidence to support this idea. More often than not we believe what the crowd on the right is telling us to believe. The numbers of people in the US that are obese have cancer and other chronic health conditions are staggering. It makes good sense to correlate our health to what we consume on a daily basis.

Consumers have the reins in their hands, the industry will respond to what the market wants; but that takes awareness. We as buyers have to understand and demand the products and production methodology that is in unison with our future health picture. The evidence shows that have not been the driving force in meat production at all in our country; but the call to produce more end sales faster and larger animals to pad the stockholders portfolio. This seemed to work for everyone; meat prices fell as production became cheaper and more people were able to put "good meat on the dinner table".

We have come full circle in the minds of many people; they want to get back to natural meats and healthier foods without all the enhancers that have turned their reality upside down. The market believes as well; "meat industry leaders are running" to get ahead of consumer driven need for healthy meats. People are beginning to think past today and their lifetime to see how these things affect our children and our neighbor's kids. It may be too large a leap to ask the industry to have a conscious but we can however; appeal to the business logic in the powers that be.

In the end we as individuals have to decide where we stand; this may not be as noble a cause as the constitution, yet it is a cause for prudent thought, consideration and action on the part of everyone around us. "We are what we eat" is a true saying and when we decide on healthy foods others will take note; change comes one mind at a time. Health is not everything, but it's pretty high up on the list for many. Eat naturally and live.

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