Monday, December 12, 2011

How The Truth About Alkaline Water?

The cliché says water is essential to life, but apparently not all types of water are good. According to modern knowledge, much of the water people drink today is acidic. Bottled water sold is said to be acidic or just neutral. Now, there are certain types of organizations and companies that specify a certain type of water is most recommended. They call it alkaline water, or alkaline H2O, which has been causing some buzz lately due to some effective promotional methods. But what exactly is alkaline water?

A Product of Electrolysis

According to a company that produces the "miracle" water; plain water can be converted to alkaline H2O through electrolysis. They have machines that pass electric currents through the water to separate it to its component ions: hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions. This results in two kinds of water, one is acidic and the other one alkaline.

Healing Benefits

Producers of the "healthy" water do not promise to cure your illnesses with their water, but they do assert that alkaline H2O is good for your health. Surveys in different communities discovered that tap water's pH is around 7.2, which is neutral. This is good, but they say that water with higher pH is the better alternative.

There are no specific health benefit claims. If you check out websites of alkaline H2O health benefits, you may come across sites that state alkaline H2O has antioxidant properties. There are even videos on the Internet that demonstrate the antioxidant properties of alkaline water. Some people dismiss these demos as promotional gimmicks. Then again, there are alkaline water drinkers who testify that their arthritis or diabetes was gone after months and years of drinking the miracle water.

Cost of Ionizers

One drawback of the so-called miracle water is that it is expensive to produce. Although you can buy alkaline H2O, as it is available in different stores, many people opt for ionizers. These are machines that transform ordinary water to alkaline water. The cost of the machine is more than a thousand dollars.

The good thing about ionizers is they can provide a homeowner with a steady supply of alkaline H2O. There is no need to buy alkaline water from suppliers. The main inconvenience is the cost of the machine, which also need to be maintained.

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