Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Who Thought White Was The Best Colour To Wear In A Kitchen?

There are thousands of chefs throughout the land cooking many different dishes from their own cuisine in various different countries, all of which have their own way of doing certain tasks. One thing remains the same however and that is the white chef uniform, but why white?

Have you ever asked the question that I always think when I see a chef? "Why do they wear white"? That is the one colour of clothing I try to avoid wearing if I am cooking in the kitchen. This may be a rare occasion as I only tend to bake, but still, how can it be a practical colour? Chefs do have good reasons for wearing white and one of those reasons is the same as why you should wear it on holiday, it reflects! White is the best colour for reflecting heat and kitchens get extremely hot with all the pans, ovens, body heat and tempers around!

Wearing long sleeves in a kitchen also sounds like it would be a bit of a nightmare but the white material allows your skin to breathe so you can still let out your body heat and prevent yourself from getting burnt which would really hurt and be a lot worse than being hot for a few hours a day. Chef's clothing has a lot more secrets behind it than just being a white jacket and hat and it is interesting to learn about. Without these jackets, cooking could be a lot harder and hold potentially a certain element of danger. Chef's hats also have a hidden message behind them. The different height of the chefs hats determine what rank they hold in the kitchen, so even if you feel silly wearing a hat, the higher it stands the hat the more authority they hold!

If white is not your colour and washes you out, you may not be keen on the standard uniform, although your bright red face from the heat of the kitchen may actually off-set it! A chef's uniform is one of the most easily and well-recognized uniforms in the world and has been around for many, many years. Recent chefs have decided to jazz up their outfits by wearing bright coloured trousers and coloured kerchiefs in their pockets, but one thing that will always remain is the style as it is created to make sure that you are as hygienic as possible.

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